Welcome to the workshop SOIL WASTE WATER 2018

We are looking forward to get-together in the Rote Kaserne on Sunday, 25th of March 2018!

We meet in Landau/Palatinate from the 26th of March to the 28th of March 2018

After the successfull workshop Soil-Waste-Water 2013 (click here fore more information) we meet again in Landau to present, discuss and conclude about current developements in the management of recyling water and their effects on the environment!


Reusing wastewater and solid residues in agriculture for crop irrigation and fertilization is nowadays considered an effective management tool for agricultural resources. Reuse merits consideration because the practice helps decrease water use pressure, moderates water pollution and facilitates recycling practices. Such practices are performed since ancient times, but improper management presents a risk to public and environmental health.

The risks associated with the different routes of exposure, properties of exposed ecosystems and concentrations of various physicochemical and microbiological parameters limit the reuse. Therefore, the potential of recycling such wastes and its transfer from a pollutant to an agricultural water source, biofertilizer or other applications are still under debate. The benefits of such strategies have to be compared to its risk case to case, and adverse effects limit the reuse.

This conference aims to integrate this currently widely spread and heterogeneous discussion and to bring together specialists from soil science, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and agriculture and to continue the joint discussion on how to sustainably use agricultural wastes and low-quality water in agriculture.