Recycled waste waters, solid and liquid wastes from the olive oil production and other low quality waters and wastes from agricultural production are increasingly used in orchiculture and agriculture fields. Beneficial effects on ecosystem services include fertilization and water supply. Often, negative effects on soil quality accompany their use, including toxic effects, changes in the sodium status of soil and increase in soil water repellency. These effects reduce the performance of the agricultural systems and their ecosystem services. Although each waste and water has its own specifity, there are numerous commonness with regard to ecosystem sustainability.

This conference aims to integrate this currently widely spread and heterogeneous discussion and to bring together specialists from soil science, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and agriculture and to start a joint discussion on how to sustainably use agricultural wastes and low quality water in agriculture.

Topic 1: Spreading of olive mill wastewater on soil

Topic 2: Use of solid and liquid wastes from the oliveoil production in agriculture

Topic 3: Long term effects of irrigation with low quality water in orchards

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